Letter from William DuVal to Thomas Jefferson (November 21, 1806)

Letter from William DuVal to Thomas Jefferson (November 21

In a letter to Thomas Jefferson, dated November 21, 1806, William DuVal responds to the president's request for a portrait of George Wythe, his former teacher who died in June from probable poisoning.

Letter from William DuVal to Thomas Jefferson (November 21

Richmond November 21st. 1806


I have a profile of the venerable George Wythe taken by Mr W. Bache in 1804 by an Instrument he calls by the name of his Patent Physiognotrace which profile much resembles that great and good Man, & Mr E Deane, I have written to, who is a man of some eminence as a Portrait Limner to take a Copy thereof,—Both of which I will leave with Mr George Jefferson, that you may take either of them—The profile you have, will shew his Appearance at that period of his Life, & the one I have, will exhibit a strong likeness a few Years before his untimely Death—

I was at the Sweet Springs when your Letter of the 17 July was recieved here—The portrait of Mr Wythe which you desired was inventoried and accounted for at the appraised value

If you prefered the Original Lyddia would be contented with a profile Copy—I know from what Mr Wythe often said, that you were dearer to him than any Relation he had—that his attachment arose from that impulse that unite great Minds, the sincere Love of Virtue—

May providence long preserve you to be a Blessing to our Country and an Example to all Nations

I am with sincere Respect Yr obedient Servt

William DuVal

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