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American Theater featured Barter Theatre in “Barter Theatre’s Plan to Create a Black Appalachian Canon”
Virginia Mercury featured Walter Ashby Plecker (1861–1947) in “In righting wrongs, former state registrar helped create a more equitable, inclusive Virginia”

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Governor Harry F. Byrd Sr. allows the Public Assemblages Act to become law without his signature. It requires segregation at public events. Learn More
Despite being personally targeted, Ralph Hamor escapes death in a series of Indian attacks that kill more than 300 English colonists. Learn More

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Trees overhang the muddy waters of the Nottoway River in Southampton County on Nottoway Indian tribal landChief Lynette Allston of the Nottoway Tribe poses in a woven blue shawl and long beadsHand-drawn map showing the Nottoway River and the land allotments given to individual members of the Nottoway tribePrinted first page of The Discovery of New Brittaine (1651) by Edward BlandColorful circular logo for the Nottoway Indian Tribe of Virginia showing drawings of the Nottoway River and it tributaries, a large tree, and a traditional Virginia Indian longhouse
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The First Civil Rights: Black Political Activism After Claiming Freedom

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