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East County Magazine featured Indentured Servants in Colonial Virginia in The U.S. Supreme Court’s Impending Reversal of Roe v. Wade
Dallas Weekly featured United Daughters of the Confederacy in Texas’ Education System: How It Keeps You In The Dark

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Ulysses S. Grant receives a commission as a brigadier general in the Western Department. Learn More
John Brown Baldwin becomes colonel of the 52nd Virginia Infantry, serving briefly in the mountains of western Virginia before suffering a physical breakdown. Learn More

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Trees overhang the muddy waters of the Nottoway River in Southampton County on Nottoway Indian tribal landChief Lynette Allston of the Nottoway Tribe poses in a woven blue shawl and long beadsHand-drawn map showing the Nottoway River and the land allotments given to individual members of the Nottoway tribePrinted first page of The Discovery of New Brittaine (1651) by Edward Bland, Abraham Woode, Sackford Brewster, and Elias PennantColorful circular logo for the Nottoway Indian Tribe of Virginia showing drawings of the Nottoway River and it tributaries, a large tree, and a traditional Virginia Indian longhouseA single page with reproductions of original documents and accompanying text blocks describing the sellling off of Nottoway reservation lands and a succesful lawsuit by the tribe against a former trustee who had mismanaged tribal fundsPrinted page showing the Virginia Indian signators—and the signs they used—in agreeing to the terms of the Treaty of Middle PlantationNottoway Indian woman wearing a blue, dotted dress and traditional beaded jewelry and headdressHundreds of men are packed into a convention hall festooned with flags and campaign bannersFashionably dressed light-skinned Black woman, wearing lace gloves and holding a fanLong line of Black men pose formally in military-like attire in front of a grandstand filled with people

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Henry E. Howell (1920–1997)

Henry E. Howell served in the House of Delegates (1960–1962, 1964–1965) and the Senate of Virginia (1966–1971), representing the Norfolk area. He was lieutenant governor of Virginia from 1971 to 1974. Howell ran unsuccessfully for governor three times,...