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Grunge featured James Thomson Callender (1757 or 1758–1803) in “The Tragic 1803 Death of James Callender, the Journalist Who Exposed the Founding Fathers”
Dogwood featured Cockacoeske (d. by July 1, 1686) in “7 Virginia History Tidbits to Know This New Year”

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Sir Henry Chicheley dies, probably at his estate, Rosegill. He is buried "neare the Comunion Table" in the chancel of Christ Church, in Middlesex... Learn More
The Battle of Hatcher's Run extends both the Union and Confederate siege lines but has little strategic value. Learn More

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Trees overhang the muddy waters of the Nottoway River in Southampton County on Nottoway Indian tribal landChief Lynette Allston of the Nottoway Tribe poses in a woven blue shawl and long beadsHand-drawn map showing the Nottoway River and the land allotments given to individual members of the Nottoway tribePrinted first page of The Discovery of New Brittaine (1651) by Edward BlandColorful circular logo for the Nottoway Indian Tribe of Virginia showing drawings of the Nottoway River and it tributaries, a large tree, and a traditional Virginia Indian longhouseA single page with reproductions of original documents and accompanying text blocks describing the sellling off of Nottoway reservation lands and a succesful lawsuit by the tribe against a former trustee who had mismanaged tribal fundsPrinted page showing the Virginia Indian signers of the Treaty of Middle Plantation, and the signs they used in agreeing to the termsNottoway Indian woman wearing a blue, dotted dress and traditional beaded jewelry and headdressHundreds of men are packed into a convention hall festooned with flags and campaign banners
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The First Civil Rights: Black Political Activism After Claiming Freedom

Join the Library of Virginia, Virginia Humanities, and Encyclopedia Virginia to celebrate Black...