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CNN featured Patawomeck Tribe in “A Virginia tribe says racism wiped their Native identity from historic records. Nearly a century later, they’re still fighting for recognition”
Cardinal News featured Danville Civil Rights Demonstrations of 1963 in “‘We’re trying to let those voices be heard’: Recordings bring Danville’s civil rights court cases to life”

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A party that includes William Byrd II, William Dandridge, and Richard Fitzwilliam surveys the boundary between Virginia and North Carolina. Learn More
James Madison Sr. dies at Montpelier, his plantation home in Orange County. Learn More

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Act of Toleration (1689)

The Act of Toleration, or “An Act for Exempting their Majestyes Protestant Subjects dissenting from the Church of England from the Penalties of certaine Lawes,” passed by Parliament in 1689, represented the most significant religious reform in England...