Frequently Asked Questions

Are Encyclopedia Virginia staff available to help with my research question?

Unfortunately, our staff does not have the capacity to assist with individual research questions. Consider reaching out to the Library of Virginia: 

Can I get permission to use a photograph I found in Encyclopedia Virginia for a book/documentary project I’m working on?

We do not own the copyrights for any of the media objects (images, sound clips, video clips) that appear in Encyclopedia Virginia. We do list the names of the generous media partner organizations that provided permission for Encyclopedia Virginia to include the media object. We recommend that you reach out to the organization that owns the copyright for permission to reproduce it.

I think I’m related to someone I read about in Encyclopedia Virginia. Does Encyclopedia Virginia offer genealogical services?

We think it’s cool that you are exploring your personal connection to the past. We don’t have any professional genealogists on staff, though. Consider reaching out to a local genealogist that researches the area in which your ancestor lived. The Library of Virginia maintains a list of historical and genealogical societies here:

I found a picture of my ancestor who is featured in Encyclopedia Virginia. Would Encyclopedia Virginia like to use it?

We’d love see a copy of your image and consider its inclusion in Encyclopedia Virginia, but please don’t send the original copy of the image. We’d be happy to accept a digital copy and any accompanying information that you might have about the image. (Where was it taken? When was it taken? What does the image depict? Etc.) Please contact us at:

I found an error in an Encyclopedia Virginia article. What should I do?

The best way to alert our staff to an error in an article is to post a comment at the bottom of that article’s page. Whenever possible, please include any evidence that might help to correct the error.