The State Convention At Richmond
Original Author: Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper
Created: February 15, 1868
Medium: Engraving

The State Convention At Richmond, VA., In Session

An engraving from Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper, published on February 15, 1868, depicts a working session of the constitutional convention that met in Richmond from December 3, 1867, to April 17, 1868. In the statewide election of delegates, Black men successfully voted for the first time; about two dozen Black delegates were elected. Radical Republicans sympathetic to Black interests dominated the convention. On the final day of the convention the delegates approved a new constitution, which included among its reforms universal manhood suffrage, the establishment of a public school system, and more elective local offices. On July 6, 1869, voters ratified the constitution but rejected two clauses that would have disfranchised Virginians who had supported the Confederacy.

Citation: Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper, AP2 .L42, Special Collections, University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA