Each year the staff at Encyclopedia Virginia waits with bated breath to learn our top 10 entries of the year. This year holds some surprises, with four new entries breaking into the list of our most-read entries of the year and our long-time leading entry on Indentured Servants in Colonial Virginia falling to number four.

British monarchs are out, as we say goodby to Elizabeth I and James VI & I, as well as to the Virginia Company of London, which was charted by James to establish a colony in North America and led to the establishment of Jamestown. A new entrant last year, our virtual tour of dwellings for the enslaved at Sharswood Plantation, which rose to number eight after the plantation was featured on 60 Minutes, also leaves the list.

New to the list this year are entries on the House of Burgesses and the Lost Cause. Reflecting the continued interest across the Commonwealth in Black history and the legacy of slavery, our recent entry on the Sexual Exploitation of the Enslaved joins the list at number six, while our entry on Nat Turner’s Revolt surges to the number three spot. And, we crown a new leading entry for 2023. Read on to learn what it is.

#10: The House of Burgesses

#9:   The Lost Cause

#8:   Tobacco in Colonial Virginia

#7:   Thomas Jefferson and His Family

#6:   Sexual Exploitation of the Enslaved

#5:   Bacon’s Rebellion

#4:   Indentured Servants in Colonial Virginia

#3:   Nat Turner’s Revolt

#2:   Slave Ships

#1:   Colonial Virginia


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