Advertisements, Virginia Gazette (September 8, 1774)


In this selection of advertisements, published on page 3 of the Virginia Gazette on September 8, 1774, subscribers make various announcements to the paper’s readers.



WARWICK, September 3, 1774

THE STORE here, of late kept by me on Account of Mess. Dreghorn, Murdoch,and Co. of Glasgow, is now in the Charge of my brother David Leitch, and the said Company’s Store in prince Edward County, hitherto managed by Mr. Henry Benskin Lightfoot, is under the Direction of Mr. John Graham. The Business of the Stores will, on the same Account, be prosecuted so far to their usual Extent as the Situation of publick Affairs will admit. The Debts due to this Store I continue to collect, and those contracted with Mr. Lightfoot will remain with him for the same Purpose. It will be deemed obliging in those whose Accounts are open, and inconvenient to be discharged, immediately to close them by Bond, or other Specialty, as may be approved of.



WILLIAMSBURG, September 6, 1774.

I BEG Leave to inform the Publick, and particularly those Gentlemen who were pleased to take my Subscription Paper, to their respective Counties, to raise a small Sum of Money in each for the Encouragement of making SALT, that after viewing many Places on this and the other Side of the Bay, and on the Sea Coast of the Eastern Shore, I have now fixed on a very convenient Spot on that Coast for erecting proper Works; and as nothing more can be done on my Part without Money, I must beg the Favour of them to forward such Sums they may able to collect, to Robert Carter Nicholas, Esq; who is so kind as to take the Trouble of receiving and paying the Money out to me. Proper Security shall be lodged in his Hands, for any Sum that I may draw. The Certainty of my being able to make Salt, as good as any whatever, is hardly to be doubted, from the several Experiments which I have made, and which are pretty fully certified by Gentlemen of Veracity, whose Certificates will be lodged in the Hands of Mr. Nicholas.

Gentlemen will readily see the Necessity I am under of requesting speedy Assistance, when I inform them that I have for some Time past devoted my whole Attention to this Business, and given over every other Pursuit from which my Family might have derived any Advantage, and that, in Order to put the Works in as great Forwardness as was in my Power, I have incurred a considerable Expense, and been obliged to contract for some of the necessary Materials.



MR. TAIT having produced to me a Sample of Salt made on the Eastern Shore, together with the Certificate of a Gentleman of unquestionable Credit, I have no Doubt, with proper Encouragement, of this succeeding in his proposed Scheme; from which, it seems highly probable, that this Country will reap the greatest Advantage. I shall therefore most cheerfully comply with his Request, and take great Pleasure in contributing every Thing in my Power towards carrying it into Execution.



GLOUCESTER County, September 7, 1774.

THE Subscriber, understanding as many Branches of the WEAVING BUSINESS as any Person in this Colony, would be very glad to set up a Manufactory for weaving LINENS, COTTONS, WOOLLENS, and SHIP CANVASS, which he will engage shall not be inferiour to any imported from Britain. He was employed for three Years by Warner Lewis, Esq; of this County, to whom he refers any Gentleman for his Character and Abilities in his Profession; and will be ready to wait upon any One, at any Time or Place.



WILLIAMSBURG, September 8,1774.

THE Legatees of Mr. Joseph Scrivener, deceased, being very pressing to receive their respective Dividends of his Estate, it is expected that all Persons indebted thereto, by Bond, or for Goods purchased at the Sale, will make Payment by the ensuing October Court, as no longer indulgence can or will be given by the Executors.




WARWICK, August 30, 1774.

I INTEND to leave the Colony immediately, ANDREW FRENCH.


WILLIAMSBURG, September 8, 1774.

I INTEND to leave the Colony immediately.



To be SOLD or RENTED immediately, in Halifax Town, North Carolina,

A very commodious Dwelling-House, and all necessary Outhouses, with seven Lots and four Acres of Land adjoining, all paled in, lately the Residence of Mr. James Milner, Attorneys at Law. Whoever is inclined to purchase, or rent, may apply to the Subscriber, living in Northampton County.



To be RENTED, in Warwick,

A STOREHOUSE, Lumber House, and Dwelling-House, conveniently situated for Trade; also several Houses fitted for the Reception of Tradesmen, to whom good Encouragement will be given by the Inhabitants.

For Terms inquire of



For SALE at Norfolk, on the 1st of next Month,

THE Brig LIGHTFOOT, of 100 Tuns Burthen, British built; likewise all her Stores, Tackle, and Appurtenances. The Time of Payment will be made easy to the Purchaser. The Vessel is very strong and well built, and her Sails, Rigging, &c. in good Condition. She may be viewed on Saturday next, and from that Time to the Day of Sale. For farther Particulars apply to Mess. Phipp and Bowdoin, Merchants, in Norfolk, or the Subscriber in this Town.

YORK, Sept, 7, 1774.



To be RENTED for any Number of Years, and Possession taken the 25th of October next,

THE STOREHOUSE lately occupied by Mr. Adam Fleming, which has all necessary Conveniences for a Merchant, with a good Storehouse at Low Point Landing; it is needless to describe the Situation of the Store, as it is generally known, being next House to the Tavern. For Terms apply to the Subscriber, in Cabin Point.



To be SOLD altogether or in Parcels,

A TRACT of LAND containing 1000 Acres, lying in the lower End of Caroline County, on Pamunkey River, 100 Acres of which are low Ground, adjoining Horn Quarter, belonging to the Honourable Thomas Nelson, Esquire. On the said Tract there is a good Plantation cleared, fit to work ten Hands, on which will be sowed fifty Bushels of Wheat; there are all necessary Outhouses, with a tolerable good Dwelling-House. Also a Tract of Land in King William County, containing 306 Acres, late the Property of Doctor Robert Campbell, within five Miles of Hanover Town, and where the Subscriber now lives. This Land is well improved, with all necessary accommodations for a Family. For terms apply to





At the House above Mr. ANDERSON‘s Tavern,


MAKES and REPAIRS all Sorts of WATCHES and CLOCKS, and will be much obliged to those who please to employ him. He returns his most grateful Thanks to his former Customers, and begs a Continuance of their Favours.­—WATCHES sent from the Country shall be done with Expedition, and returned with Care.

Who has just imported a Parcel of Ladies and Gentlemens Watch Chains, Keys, and Seals, Pebble and Bristol Stone Buttons, all Kinds of Penknives, Scissors, &c. &c.


ISLE of WIGHT, September 1, 1774.

DICK, the Property of the Subscriber, absconded about ten Days ago; he is a black Fellow, well set, about five Feet six Inches high, has remarkable white Teeth, thick Lips, and a Scab above his right Ear. He went off in a Boat, in all probability to make his Escape out of the Colony. I will give a Reward of 20s. if taken in the Colony, 40s if brought home to me, and 5l. if taken and secured out of the Colony, so as I may get him again. I forewarn all Masters of Vessels from habouring or carrying him out of the Colony, at their Peril.



MECKLENBURG, September 3, 1774.

RUN away from the Subscriber, about two Months ago, a likely Mulatto Lad named ISAAC BEE, formerly the Property of the late President Blair, and is well known about Williamsburg, where I am informed he has been several Times seen since his Elopement. He is between eighteen and nineteen Years of Age, low of Stature, and thinks he has a Right to his Freedom, because his Father was a Freeman, and I suppose will endeavor to pass for one. He can read, but I do not know that he can write; however, he may easily get some One to forge a Pass for him. I cannot undertake to describe his Apparel, as he has a Variety, and it is probable he may have changed them. Whoever apprehends the said Slave and delivers him to me, or to Mrs. Burwell, in Williamsburg, shall have 40s. All Masters of Vessels are forewarned from carrying him out of the Country.



STRAYED from Colonel Byrd‘s Lot in Williamsburg, some Time last Month, a LIGHT BAY HORSE, about thirteen Hands and a Half high, seven Years old, with a hanging Mane and long Bob Tail, paces flow when rode, and trots well in a Carriage. Any person who will deliver the said Horse to the Subscriber at Chatsworth, Colonel Byrd at Westover, or Mr. Lewis Burwell at Kingsmill, shall have 20s. Reward.



STRAYED, or STOLEN, from the Subscriber, about the first of July last, a small SORREL HORSE about six or seven Years old, four Feet five or six Inches high, had a hanging Mane and Switch Tail when he went from me, one of his hind Feet, neart he [sic] Footlock, by a Strain, seemed to be crooked up in a Knot bigger than the other, he trots only, and is branded, to the best of my Remembrance, on the near Buttock, TPL in a Piece. Whoever brings the said Horse to me in Goochland, near Judd‘s Ferry, shall have 40s. Reward, if brought forty Miles, and in Proportion for a greater Distance.



EAST WAREHOUSE, Gloucester County, September 5, 1774.

STRAYED, or STOLEN, out of the College Pasture, the 10th of last Month, a very DARK BAY MARE, about fourteen Hands high, a natural Pacer, has some Saddle Spots, a small Star in her Forehead, a high Roach Back, her Mane hangs on the off Side, and she is branded on the near Buttock, I believe, with an R. Whoever delivers the said Mare to the Revered Mr. John Dixon, at the College in Williamsburg, or to me at East Warehouse, shall have 40s. Reward; or on giving me an Account where I may get her, 20s. Reward.



STRAYED, or STOLEN, from Ambrose Rain‘s in Spotsylvania, the 16th of August, a LIGHT SORREL HORSE, about fourteen Hands high, with a hanging Mane and Switch Tail, a Blaze in his Forehead, both of his fore Feet and one of his hind Feet are white, had a small Bell about his Neck, but no Brand. I have some Reason to believe he was stolen, and carried to Orange County. Any Person that will deliver the said Horse to me, at Mr Henry Garnett‘s Mill in Essex, or to Mr. Reuban Zimmerman near Fredericksburg, shall have 20s. Reward.



TAKEN up, in Chesterfield, a BAY HORSE four Feet and a Half high, with a Star in his Forehead, and branded on the near Buttock S. Posted and appraised to 3l.



TAKEN up, in Bedford, a BAY HORSE about twelve Years old, four Feet six Inches high, with a handing Mane and Switch Tail, has some Saddle Spots, branded on the near Shoulder E and on the near Buttock C, and had on a Bell of about 4s. Value. Posted, and appraised to 8l.



TAKEN up, in Amelia, a BLACK HORSE near fourteen Hands high, seven or eight Years old, hanging Mane and Switch Tail, his near hind Foot partly white, branded on the near Shoulder W, and on the near Buttock M. Posted, and appraised to 8l.



TAKEN up, in Chesterfield, a small BRINDLED STEER, three Years old, some White under his Belly, Tail, and Legs, and marked with a Crop in the left Ear, and a Piece taken from the upper Side of the right. Posted, and appraised to 25s.



TAKEN up, in Dinwiddie, a GRAY MARE about nine Years old, four Feet one Inch high, with a hanging Mane and Switch Tail, is much Flea-bitten about the Head and Ears, paces naturally, but has no perceivable Brand. Posted, and appraised to 5l.



FALLS of POTOWMACK, in VIRGINIA, August 22, 1774.

THE Subscriber being just arrived from Great Britain, with a Number of Engineers and Artificers, in Order to remove the Obstructions to the Navigation of Potowmack River, at and above the lower Falls, and thinking himself fully qualified for such an Undertaking, agreeable to his Proposals before him Embarkation for Europe, he is desirous to have a Meeting of his principal Subscribers and others, interested in this necessary Work; and considering it most convenient to all concerned to have the same at George Town in Maryland, he proposes that it shall be there on Monday the 6th of September, at which Time and Place he will certainly attend, and be ready to lay before them an accurate Plan and Estimate of the Expense. Also an Act of the Virginia Assembly, and likewise a Subscription from some of the principal Proprietors, &c. of the Province of Vandalia, now residing in England, for the farther Encouragement of the proposed Undertaking.



WILLIAMSBURG, August 31, 1774.

LOST, a few Days ago, a SILVER WATCH, Maker’s Name Moore, London, No. 5253. A Reward of 20s. will be given upon delivering it to the Printer.


FOUND in James River two ANCHORS, one of 125 Wt. unmarked, the other of 44 Wt. marked O x 123. The Owners may have them, proving their Property and paying Charges.



TAKEN out of my Garden House the 23d Instant (August) a PINCHBECK WATCH. Whoever will bring the said Watch to me, in Williamsburg, shall have 10s. Reward.



THREE likely Negro Fellows, and two valuable Virginia born Wenches, with their Children, will be sold to the highest Bidder, at Moreland’s Ordinary, in Cabin Point, on Saturday the 17th of this Instant (September) for ready Money, by Virtue of a Deed of Trust from William Hunter, of Suffix, to the Subscribers.




THE Ship Londsdale, James Grayson Master, a very good Vessel, well fitted and sound. For Terms apply to Riebard Squire Taylor, in King William County.



THE Ship Juno, John Windover Master, now lying at Layton‘s, on Rappahannock, a fine strong new Vessel, will take in Tobacco, on Liberty of Consignment, at 81. Sterling per Tun. Those Gentlemen who are pleased to favour the said Ship are desired to send or deliver their Notes or Orders to the Master on Board, or the Subscriber, who will attend the different County Courts.



For CHARTER to any Part of Europe,

THE Ship Sparling, William Priestman Master, Burthen about 500 Hogsheads, 13,000 Bushels, or 2500 Barrels. For Terms apply to the Subscribers, in Norfolk.


Who have just imported in said Vessel, from Liverpool, Irish Linens, Osnabrugs, Kendal Cottons, Felt Hats, Sail Canvas, Mould and Dipped Candles, Hard Soap, Nails, Loaf Sugar, Fine Salt, Coals, Queen’s China Plates in small Crates, Seine Twine, Bottled Beer, Cheese, &c. &c. They have also for Sale West India Rum, Old Spirits, Muscovado Sugar, Coffee, Ginger, Pimenta, Molosses, Madeira Wine, &c.



THE Subscriber expects in daily, by the Kingston Packet, Captain Joseph Turner, from Hull, a large Assortment of coarse Woollens, Six Quarter Cloths with necessary Trimmings, and other small Packages (of about 40l. Sterling Value each) consisting of coarse Duffils, Friezes, Fearnought, Halfthicks, Bearskins, Kendal Cotton, Negro Blanketting, Bed Blankets, White Plaiding, Rugs of different Kinds, and other Goods which he will sell reasonable for Cash, or short Credit.

NORFOLK, August 30.




A TRACT of LAND in Charles City County, on Chickahominy River, containing 340. Acres, whereon is a Brick Dwelling-House, with two Rooms on a Floor, and a spacious Passage above and below, a Kitchen, Brick Dairy, and a Number of excellent Fruit Trees. The Plantation is remarkable in its Situation for Fishing and Fowling, and descended to the late Littleburry Cocke‘s Debts. Those who are desirous of purchasing the Land are desired to apply to Colonel William Edloe and Mr. William Green Munford, who are properly authorized to treat for the same, by





To be SOLD, for ready Cash, at Amelia Courthouse, onThursday the 22d of this Instant (September) being Court Day,

A TRACT OF LAND, containing by Estimation 100 Acres, whereon William Grigg now lives, and adjoining the Lands of Thomas Powery, George Hightower, and George Long. It is sold by Virtue of a Deed of Trust from said Grigg, to John Tubb, Esq. and Richard Booker and Co.



Just imported in the Mary & Jane, Captain Chapman, and to be SOLD by the Subscribers in Williamsburg,

A FRESH Assortment of DRUGS and MEDICINES. Also Anchovies, Capers, Allspice, Pepper, Ginger, Best Sallad and Barbers Oil, DurhamMustard, Sago, Salop, Saltpetre, Cloves, Cinnamon, Nutmegs, Hungary, Honey, Lavender, and Orange Flower Waters, Anodyne Necklaces, Court Plaister, White and Brown Sugar Candy, Barley Sugar, Candied Almonds, Carraway Comfits, Orange Chips, Prunes, Essential Salt of Lemons, which makes good Punch, and takes all Kind of Stains and Spots out of Linen, &c. Anderson’s Lockyer’s, and Keyfer’s Pills, Eau de Luce, Hill’s Balsam of Honey, Do, Tinctures of Valerian, Golden Rod, Elixir Bardana, and Essence of Water Dock, Turlington’s Balsam, Godfrey’s and Freeman‘s Cordials, James’s Fever Powders, Bateman’s and Jesuit’s Drops, British Oil, Stoughton‘s Bitters, Blackie‘s Lixivium for the Stone and Gravel, Squire‘s and Duffey‘s Elixirs, Dickinson‘s Drops for Convulsion Fits, Copperas, Logwood, Borax, Birdlime, Red and White Lead, Verdigrise, Prussian Blue, French and Pearl Barley, Breast Pipes, Nipple Glasses, Urinals, Smelling Bottles, Tooth Brushes, Antimony, Brimstone, Spelter, Zink, Rot en Stone, Pewter Syringes, Lancets, Crucibles, Black Lead Pots, Pill Boxes, Vials, Gallipots, Glister Pipes, &c.




To be SOLD, on the Premises, to the highest Bidder on Thursday the 29th ofSeptember, if fair, other-wise next fair Day,

A VALUABLE TRACT of LAND in the lower End of Brunswick County, at Taylor’s Bridge, containing, by Estimation, about 8 or 900 Acres, but it shall be surveyed before the Day of Sale, and the exact Quantity ascertained. There are 4 or 500 Acres of this Tract, fine rich low Grounds, on Meherrin River, exceedingly well adapted for Indian Corn, Wheat, and Tobacco, as also for raising of Pork, there having been considerable Quantities sold from this Plantation for several Years past. It has Plenty of Timber upon it, with Land enough cleared to work ten or twelve Hands, and is convenient to Church and Mill. One Half of the Purchase Money to be paid next April, and a reasonable Credit will be allowed for the Remainder, on giving Bond with approved Security to


N. B. At the same Time and Place will be sold the greatest Part of the Stock, Utensils, &c belonging to the said Plantation.


RUN away from the Subscriber, in Caroline County, the 21st of May last, a likely Negro Fellow named SOLOMON, about 20 Years of Age, and will be free at 31, but he pretends to be free now. I do not remember what Clothes he had on. One of his Eyelids is slit with a Blow, but I cannot tell which. He has a Wife at Mr. John Bickerton‘s, in Hanover County, and has been seen at Richmond. His Father, a Negro Fellow called Kitt, lives at Colonel Archibald Cary’s in Chesterfield. Any Person that will bring me the said Fellow, or secure him so as may get him, shall have 3l. Reward.



HANOVER Town, August 23, 1774.

WE have still on Hand a few of Mr. Milne’s new invented Wire Machines for Boulting Flower, which are allowed, by those Gentlemen that have tried them, to be superior to any Boulting Cloths whatever, as they make better, and considerably more Flower, from the same Quantity of Wheat. Likewise a few of his Machines for cleaning Wheat, which will clean it better than either Dutch Fans or Rolling Screens, or both together. A particular Description of either is needless, as they may be seen at Work at Mr. Archibald McCall’s, on Rappahannock, and it is presumed no Gentleman will choose to purchase until they have seen some Experiment made with them. We have also for Sale a Quantity of good West India Rum, Madeira and Tenerif Wine.


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