Author: Richmond Planet


“From Charlottesville. Land Improvement Company—Delegates Elected—Interesting Items.” (May 17, 1890)

This article, published May 17, 1890, by the Richmond Planet, reports on business, community, and personal news from Charlottesville, including the establishment of the Piedmont Industrial and Land Improvement Company, a joint stock company, formed by nine African American businessmen from the Charlottesville area. This was an entrepreneurial attempt to increase property ownership among African Americans, with stockowners assuming risk proportional to their shareholding in the Piedmont Industrial and Land Improvement Company.



“Hard Times in the Sixth Virginia,” Richmond Planet (December 24, 1898)

In “Hard Times in the Sixth Virginia,” published in the Richmond Planet on December 24, 1898, an anonymous soldier of the all-black 6th Virginia Volunteers tells of the regiment’s difficulties in stateside training camp with its white commander, Lieutenant Colonel Richard C. Croxton, during the Spanish-American War (1898). Croxton convened a board of review in October 1898 and called before it all of the officers in the regiment’s 2nd Battalion. Rather than appear, the officers resigned. When new, white officers took command, the regiment’s men refused to respond to their orders and were arrested.


“Roanoke News” (November 13, 1920)

In “Roanoke News,” published by the Richmond Planet on November 13, 1920, the editors report on the comings and goings of Black Roanoke with particular attention and enthusiasm for the Colored Women’s Republican Club of Roanoke and its president Millie Lawson Bethell Paxton.


"Rev. Dr. Hatcher's Surprising Assertions," Richmond Planet (June 23, 1894)

In "Rev. Dr. Hatcher's Surprising Assertions," published on June 23, 1894, the Richmond Planet responds to a defense of lynching made by the Baptist minister William E. Hatcher, of Richmond. Hatcher was president of the Education Board of the Baptist General Association of Virginia (1875–1901), and a trustee of Richmond College. In 1898 he founded Fork Union Academy, in Fluvanna County.


“Frivolous Reasons,” Richmond Planet (June 11, 1898)

In its editorial “Frivolous Reasons,” published on June 11, 1898, the Richmond Planet makes the case for African American officers leading African American soldiers in the militia and in the volunteer regiments called to duty during the Spanish-American War (1898). The paper’s editor, John Mitchell Jr., responds directly to arguments made in an editorial published by the Richmond Dispatch on June 5.

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