Author: Mary Johnston


“Will you kill me?”; an excerpt from Prisoners of Hope by Mary Johnston (1898)

In this excerpt from the novel Prisoners of Hope (1898) by Mary Johnston, Ricahecrian Indians, led by a chief called Grey Wolf, join a group of servants, led by Luiz Sebastian and a man called Roach, in an attack on Verney Manor in Gloucester County in 1663. The home is defended by Colonel Richard Verney, his kinsman Sir Charles Carew, his daughter Patricia, the convict servant Godfrey Landless, and various others. Johnston’s book is loosely based on the Gloucester County Conspiracy.


Chapter 2: “Mr. Jefferson”; an excerpt from Lewis Rand by Mary Johnston (1908)

In chapter 2 of Lewis Rand , a novel by Mary Johnston published in 1908 and set in Virginia in the first years of the nineteenth century, the title character works for his father, Gideon Rand, rolling tobacco. Yearning for an education, Lewis Rand seeks the help of his older friend Adam Gaudylock, a trapper, but it is a chance encounter with Thomas Jefferson that finally frees the boy from his father’s clutches.


Chapter 33: “In Which My Friend Becomes My Foe”; an excerpt from To Have and to Hold by Mary Johnston (1900)

In chapter 33 of To Have and to Hold , a novel by Mary Johnston published in 1900 and set in colonial Virginia, the hero, Captain Ralph Percy, and his former indentured servant Diccon are meeting with Indians led by Opechancanough. As the Indians prepare to attack the English settlement at Jamestown, Percy does not receive the expected support from Nantauquas, the brother of Pocahontas.