Advertisement for the first McCormick reaper showing a man on horseback and another man raking
Original Author: Gies & Company, Buffalo, lithographer
Created: 1881
Medium: Lithographed brochure

The oldest Reaper alive! The father of them all.

An advertising brochure depicts the "original McCormick Reaper"—referred to here as The oldest Reaper alive! The father of them all—which was perfected in 1831. This machine helped revolutionize agriculture by mechanizing the process of harvesting grain. The machine required two men—one to drive the two-horses that pulled the machine, and another to gather the grain being cut by the blades. Below the illustration, Cyrus H. McCormick is credited with having invented the machine. In fact, it was his father, Robert McCormick Jr., who designed the original machine, but over time Cyrus took credit for the invention.

Citation: The oldest reaper alive!: the father of them all, ... XX(6856257.1). Special Collections, University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA