Author: Thomas R. Morris


Archibald C. Buchanan (1890–1979)

Archibald C. Buchanan was a judge on the Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals who authored the majority opinions in Naim v. Naim (1955), which upheld the state’s antimiscegenation laws, and Griffin v. County School Board of Prince Edward (1963), which upheld a county’s right to close public schools rather than integrate them. The latter case was overturned by the U.S. Supreme Court a year later. Buchanan was born in Tazewell County and educated at Hampden-Sydney College and Washington and Lee University before beginning his law practice. He joined the Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals in 1946 and was generally a conservative presence there. In 1959, however, he voted with the majority in Harrison v. Day, striking down Virginia’s plan of Massive Resistance. Buchanan retired in 1969 and died ten years later.