Author: The Liberator


“Private Jails,” The Liberator (December 27, 1834)

In “Private Jails,” published on December 27, 1834, the editors of the Liberator, an abolitionist newspaper, reprint and ridicule an advertisement by the Richmond slave trader Bacon Tait. It had originally run in the Richmond Whig on December 11.


Dolley Madison and Her Slaves (March 31, 1848)

In “Mrs. Madison and Her Slaves” and “Mrs. Madison’s Slaves Again,” both published on March 31, 1848, the editors of the Liberator reprint two letters, signed Hampden, that first appeared in the Albany Patriot on February 19 and March 18 of that year. They accuse Dolley Madison of selling her slave Paul Jennings and attempting to sell a fifteen-year-old enslaved girl named Helen (also known as Ellen Stewart). Jennings may have been the source for the information in these letters through an association with the Patriot‘s Washington correspondent, William L. Chaplin.


“Gabriel’s Defeat” (September 17, 1831)

In “Gabriel’s Defeat,” published on September 17, 1831, the editors of the Liberator reprint a romanticized and inaccurate account of Gabriel’s Conspiracy (1800) that first appeared in the Albany Evening Journal. The context of its publication was the more recent, more successful uprising led by Nat Turner in Southampton County earlier in the year.

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