Author: Peter McCormack Hedlund

is the web programmer for Encyclopedia Virginia at the Virginia Foundation for the Humanities.

Saying Goodbye

Encyclopedia Virginia said goodbye to our longtime media editor extraordinaire Donna Lucey at the end of July. Donna’s contributions to our mission of telling a more complete and inclusive story of Virginia have been many. Whether it was working with the American Civil War Museum to photograph never-before-digitized artifacts, organizing a listening session with Black […]


Tackling the Roots of Racism in Virginia

Working on an encyclopedia day in and day out for more than a decade is rewarding and sometimes depressing. It’s rewarding to think that—if you are doing your job responsibly—the resource you are helping to create may contribute to an open and honest dialogue about the past and how that past informs the present. It’s […]


Fuzzy Times and Time Lines

Most but not all entries in Encyclopedia Virginia have a time line. (This one, for instance, does not.) At first, a time line seems like a simple thing; it takes a subject and reduces it to days, months, and years, succinctly outlining the life of a poet, or a governor, or a civil-rights activist. Still, […]