Author: Frederick Douglass


“A Suggestion.” (April 19, 1876)

In this letter to the editor of the National Republican, dated April 19, 1876, Frederick Douglass points out the limitations of the Emancipation Memorial in representing the history of Black Americans’ freedom. He writes this just days after he gave a speech at the Emancipation Memorial’s dedication.


“Oration by Frederick Douglass, delivered on the occasion of the unveiling of the Freedman’s monument in memory of Abraham Lincoln in Lincoln Park, Washington, D.C., April 14, 1876.” (April 14, 1876)

In this speech, given April 14, 1876, at the dedication ceremony of the Emancipation Memorial, Frederick Douglass offers an appraisal of Abraham Lincoln‘s presidency with regards to slavery.  Archer Alexander was a formerly enslaved man who served as the model for the Emancipation Memorial.