Author: Alexander Hamilton


Letter from Alexander Hamilton to John Jay (March 14, 1779)

In this letter to John Jay, president of the Continental Congress, dated March 14, 1775, Alexander Hamilton details his attempts to raise battalions of slaves in Georgia and South Carolina under threat of British invasion. While George Washington, commander in chief of the Continental Army, was in favor of recruiting slaves for soldiers, he never extended full support for Hamilton’s plan to allow the slaves to have “freedom with their muskets.”


Letter from Alexander Hamilton to James Bayard (January 16, 1801)

In this letter, dated January 16, 1801, Alexander Hamilton writes to James Bayard, a Federalist member of the U. S. House of Representatives from Delaware. Hamilton conveys his satisfaction that Bayard has decided to support Burr in the Election of 1800. He goes on to offer his criticisms of both Aaron Burr and Thomas Jefferson and his worst fears were either man to become president.