Roanoke Weekly Press
Original Author: Roanoke Weekly Press
Created: April 2, 1892
Medium: Newspaper front page

Roanoke Weekly Press

Featured here is the front page of the only extant copy of the Roanoke Weekly Press, Roanoke's first African American Newspaper. Published on April 2, 1892, this edition covers local African American news, police reports, and social notes of the black community. It also includes a national news story—"Wouldn't Sing 'America.' Chicaga Negroes Say America Has Not Earned Their Gratitude"—concerning 1,000 blacks in Chicago who refused to sing "America" in protest of the killings of African American men. The article notes that the audience stood "as one" and refused to sing the song "until this country is what it claims to be—'sweet land of liberty.'" Instead, they sang "John Brown," about the fiery abolitionist.