Affidavit Concerning a Sale of Enslaved People
Original Author: John Gratton Gamble, executor of estate
Created: June 5, 1832
Medium: Legal document

Affidavit Concerning a Sale of Enslaved People

An affidavit dated June 5, 1832, in Jefferson County in the Territory of Florida (later the state of Florida), states that John Coalter of Virginia purchased nine enslaved African Americans—including two women and one infant—for $2,489 from the estate of Abraham Joseph Cabell. An agent for Coalter purchased the people at a public sale held in Florida after Cabell's death. Though Cabell was a Virginian, he started a plantation in Florida and had borrowed $2,537.43 from fellow Virginians and wealthy landowners Coalter and John Hartwell Cocke. The enslaved people were purchased against that debt.