Reward Offered by Ferdinando Fairfax
Original Author: Ferdinando Fairfax
Created: May 4, 1793
Medium: Broadside

Reward Offered by Ferdinando Fairfax

A May 4, 1793, broadside by the landowner and entrepreneur Ferdinando Fairfax offers a $10 reward to anyone who will give information about "the person or persons who lately set fire to that part of the Blue Ridge which was the property of the late George William Fairfax." In 1787 Ferdinando Fairfax had inherited thousands of acres of Virginia land from his childless uncle George William Fairfax. When unknown persons started burning or cutting timber on the land, Ferdinando Fairfax issued this edict to his tenants, directing them to assist in helping to identify the offenders. In addition, he decreed that all his tenants were permitted to cut timber only if they had received written permission from one of his representatives; similarly, saw mill owners were forbidden from sawing unauthorized timber.  

Citation: Ten Dollars: The above reward will be given to any one...Broadside 1793 .F35. Special Collections, University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA

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