Painful Occurrence.
Credit: May 17
Original Author: Charlottesville Advocate
Created: November 1840
Medium: Newspaper article

“Painful Occurrence.”,University of Virginia Special Collections,Tuesday

A Charlottesville Advocate article, titled "Painful Occurrence," reports on the November 12, 1840, shooting of John A. G. Davis, a law professor at the University of Virginia. This was an early account of the incident by the weekly newspaper, and at that point the assailant had not yet been identified. It was also believed that Davis's wound was not life threatening. Two university students, William A. Kincaid and Joseph Green Semmes, had fired their pistols in front of the faculty residences on the Lawn. When Davis stepped forward to apprehend the shooters, Semmes reloaded his pistol and fired again, wounding the professor in the abdomen. Davis died two days later.

Citation: "Painful Occurrence. We understand that Professor Davis of the University of Virginia was shot by an unknown hand, with a pistol, in front of his dwelling, on Thursday night about 6 o'clock. … Broadside 1840 .P3. Special Collections, University of Virginia, Charlottesville, Va.

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