Valuable Contribution to American History
Credit: April 12
Original Author: The Baltimore Sun, review; Gibbs, illustrator
Created: April 9, 1911
Medium: Newspaper review

“Valuable Contribution to American History”,University of Virginia Special Collections,Tuesday

A newspaper review of Philip Alexander Bruce's two-volume Institutional History of Virginia in the Seventeenth Century (1910), published in the April 11, 1911, edition of the Baltimore Sun, is headlined, "Valuable Contribution to American History." The favorable review ends with, "The book … is a work of high literary and historical value that bears evidence of being also a labor of love for his native State by one of her most gifted sons." Philip Alexander Bruce's mother, Sarah Alexander Seddon Bruce, pasted this newspaper clipping into a scrapbook about her son that she complied at Staunton Hill, the family's Caroline County estate.

Citation: Papers regarding Philip Alexander Bruce's historical writings and personal correspondence, 1899–1940. Accession #2889. Special Collections, University of Virginia, Charlottesville, Va.