Credit: U.S. Census
Original Author: Bennett Taylor, Assistant U.S. Marshal
Created: September 15, 1860

1860 Census Listing Socrates Maupin’s Enslaved People

This page from the 1860 U.S. Census Schedule of Slave Inhabitants of Albemarle County's St. Anne's Parish lists a number of white enslavers, including Socrates Maupin (on the thirtieth line of the document, on the lower right hand side). Maupin, the University of Virginia chemistry professor and faculty chairman who lived on the University Lawn in Pavilion VIII, is recorded as enslaving eleven people ranging in age from four months to fifty-five years old. His list of enslaved people includes four females and seven males, one of whom—a five-year-old boy—was blind. Among the individuals is a twenty-eight-year-old male, whose "color" is given as M for "mulatto"—a description that matched that of Burkley Bullock, whom Maupin had purchased for $1,205. Bullock eventually became a very successful Black entrepreneur and community leader.