High Court of Chancery Pleasants Injunction (March 16, 1798)

Virginia: In the High Court of Chancery

In this March 16, 1798, injunction, Chancellor George Wythe orders the defendants in Pleasants v. Pleasants not to take their enslaved individuals out of the state pending resolution of the case.


BETWEEN Robert Pleasants, son and heir of John Pleasants, dec’d. Pltf. AND Mary Logan, widow and administratrix of Charles Logan, and divisee of John Pleasants and Jonathan Pleasants, deceased, Elizabeth Pleasants, administratrix of Joseph Pleasants, deceased, Isaac Pleasants and Jane his wife, Samuel Pleasants, junior, Thomas Pleasants, junior, and Margaret his wife, Robert Langley and Elizabeth his wife, Daniel Teasdale and Margaret his wife, late Margaret Langley, Elizabeth Langley the younger, and Anne May, Defendants.

ON the motion of the Plaintiff by his counsel, the court doth order that the Defendants, who are in possession of any of the slaves, that are the subject of controversy between the parties in this suit, do not carry or remove them, or cause them, or any of them, to be carried or removed out of this commonwealth during the pendency of this suit, or until the further order of the court.

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