Original Author: WSLS-TV News, Roanoke, VA
Created: May 27, 1963
Medium: Video clip

Richard Holmquist Praises Industrial Growth in Danville

In this silent video clip, Richard Holmquist, the Executive Director of the Virginia Industrialization Group, addresses the Virginia Citizens Planning Association in Roanoke on May 27, 1963. An accompanying film script describes the substance of Holmquist's talk during which he touted Danville's "progressive thinking" and planning that led to the establishment of a "major industrial plant" in the city "in each of the past four years." Holmquist attributed careful civic planning for Danville's "new zoning law, improved housing code, major street paln [sic], off street parking, and a new sewage treatment plan. Holmquist also said that Danville was "undertaking topographical mapping of the city, has developed a comprehensive housing plan, and is building new schools. According to Holmquist, Danville is representative of what is going on in other cities of Virginia."

Though this video clip lacks sound, the composition of the group he is addressing is striking for its lack of diversity. With the exception of four or five women, the entire group consists of well-dressed, white males.