Author: WSLS-TV


“Richard Holmquist Praises Industrial Growth in Danville” (May 27, 1963)

In this silent video clip, Richard Holmquist, the Executive Director of the Virginia Industrialization Group, addresses the Virginia Citizens Planning Association in Roanoke on May 27, 1963. The Virginia Industrialization Group was a group of some of Virginia’s most influential businessmen who were concerned about the effects of Massive Resistance on Virginia’s economy. They eventually proposed a statewide system of technical education to address disinvestment due to a lack of confidence in the state’s education system. The Virginia Citizens Planning Association was a statewide nonprofit that promoted and supported planning as a form of economic development. The composition of this group is striking for its lack of diversity. With the exception of four or five women, the room is filled with well-dressed, white men. Spelling errors are corrected in brackets.