Author: Wheeling Daily Intelligencer


"Virginia Republican Convention: Full Report of Proceedings" from the Wheeling Daily Intelligencer (May 3, 1860)

The following article from the Wheeling Daily Intelligencer, dated May 3, 1860, details the Republican Party of Virginia state convention in Wheeling in May 1860. The convention resulted in the party sending a delegation to the Republican National Convention in Chicago that nominated Abraham Lincoln for president instead of William H. Seward, whom most of the Virginia delegates initially supported.


"Republican Convention" from the Wheeling Daily Intelligencer (October 1, 1856)

The following excerpt from the October 1, 1856, issue of the Wheeling Daily Intelligencer details the Republican Convention of September 18, 1856, which founded the Republican Party of Virginia. This convention nominated a full slate of candidates for presidential elector in Virginia, but in the November general election, the Republicans received fewer than 300 votes, a mere 0.2 percent of the state total.