Author: Southampton County Court


“William G. Bozeman, Edith Turner v. TRST(S) OF Nottoway Tribe of Indians” (March 11, 1830)

In this petition to the Southampton County Court, dated March 11, 1830, Wané Roonseraw, also known as Edith or Edy Turner, applies for an allotment of land from the historic Nottoway Tribe’s reservation. In 1824, the General Assembly passed an act giving William G. Bozeman, also known as William Woodson, the son of a Nottoway woman, an allotment of land from the Nottoway reservation. The act, which became known as the Bozeman Act, also stated that any matrilineal descendant of the Nottoway may apply for a share of reservation land. Roonseraw received the allotment of land.