Author: Resolved Waldron


“Messrs. Heermans and Waldron to Director Stuyvesant” (October 21/11, 1659)

In this letter, dated October 21/11, 1659, Augustine Herrman is trying to convince New Netherland leader Peter Stuyvesant to commission Herrman to make a map to solidify Dutch sovereignty over the Delaware River. He proposed a map of the South River, now known as the Delaware River, south into Virginia. Stuyvesant decided not to commission it. Herrman realized that the boundary-making powers of mapping would be appealing to divergent colonial leaders. In 1660, he made the same proposal to Cecil Calvert, second Baron Baltimore, who oversaw the Province of Maryland. Calvert accepted his proposal.  Herrman’s Virginia and Maryland As it is Planted and Inhabited this present Year 1670 was published in 1673.