Author: Marguerite de Navarre


The Story of Marguerite de La Roque; an excerpt from The Heptameron of Margaret, Queen of Navarre by Marguerite de Navarre (1558)

In this excerpt from l’Heptaméron, a collection of seventy-two short stories written in French published posthumously in 1558, Marguerite de Navarre tells a version of the true story of Marguerite de La Roque. A colonist attached to an expedition led by Jean-François de La Roque, sieur de Roberval, the young woman was exiled in 1542 by the captain (a relative of hers) for carrying on an illicit affair with a man aboard ship. Her maid and the man, who, remarkably, joined her, both died on the island, but La Roque survived to be rescued. She became a school teacher. Navarre, the sister of the French king, François I, died in 1549 before completing a planned 100 stories. This English translation appeared in London in 1880.