Author: Juan de la Carrera


Relation of Juan de la Carrera (March 1, 1600)

In these excerpts from a memoir, dated March 1, 1600, at Pueblo de los Ángeles, Juan de la Carrera recounts the story of the Virginia Indian Don Luís de Velasco (Paquiquineo) and a failed Jesuit mission to the Chesapeake Bay. Born in near Leoó, Spain, in 1536, Carrera worked as a merchant before entering the Society of Jesus on December 6, 1552. In 1568, his friend Father Juan Baptista de Segura, the newly appointed Jesuit vice-provincial for La Florida, invited Carrera to travel with him to America. Once there, he live at the Spanish settlement of Santa Elena, near present-day Parris Island, South Carolina. This English translation appears in The Spanish Jesuit Mission in Virginia, 1570–1572 by Clifford M. Lewis and Albert J. Loomie, eds. (1953).