Author: Governor's Council


The Case of John Graweere (March 31, 1641)

In this case, heard before the General Court on March 31, 1641, John Graweere, a “negro servent” of William Evans, petitions to purchase his enslaved son from the owner of the boy’s enslaved mother.


Edmund Jenings Removed from Governor’s Council (1726)

In its meeting on June 25, 1726, the governor’s Council, in consultation with Lieutenant Governor Hugh Drysdale, removed Edmund Jenings from his position on the Council. Jenings had long been absent from meetings, and his health, both physical and mental, was deteriorating. Drysdale, too, was ill, and Jenings, as senior member of the Council, was in line to serve as president, or acting governor, when Drysdale died. With Jenings’s removal, his rival Robert “King” Carter served that role when Drysdale died on June 22, 1726.