James Crewes's Will
Original Author: James Crewes
Created: July 23, 1676
Medium: Handwritten page
Publisher: Library of Virginia

James Crewes’s Will

The last will and testament of James Crewes, a Virginia merchant and planter who lived on Turkey Island in Henrico County, is dated July 23, 1676. Crewes wrote his will during his participation in Bacon's Rebellion, an uprising against Governor Sir William Berkeley. Later arrested, convicted of treason, and sentenced to death by hanging, Crewes was denounced at his trial as being "a most notorious Actor & Assistor in the Rebellion."

Crewes had no living wife or children, so he bequeathed his property to the Giles Carter family. In addition to leaving tobacco and furnishings to various Carter relations, Crewes gave his "Negroe Maid" to Giles Carter's wife, Hannah. The will was entered into the records of the Henrico Court House on August 2, 1680, three years after Crewes's death.