Mast and All Went Overboard
Original Author: Emlen McConnell
Created: 1900
Medium: Book illustration

“Mast and All Went Overboard”,University of Virginia Library ,Monday

An illustration by Emlen McConnell in Mary Johnston's novel To Have and to Hold (1900) depicts a mastless boat being cast about on a stormy sea. The hero and heroine of the novel, Captain Ralph Percy and his wife, Lady Jocelyn, are attempting to flee the English colony at Jamestown. With them on the boat are Percy's former indentured servant, Diccon; minister Jeremy Sparrow; and the dastardly Lord Carnal, whom they have taken prisoner. The small craft is destroyed during the storm, and the passengers are shipwrecked on a nearby island.

Johnston's best-selling novel is set in colonial Virginia in 1621 and 1622.