No other new neighborhood has a community center this large.
Original Author: Wednesday, June 20, 2012
Created: Unknown
Medium: Advertisement
Publisher: George Mason Special Collections

“No other new neighborhood has a community center this large.”,Planned Communities Archive

This 1991 advertisement for homes in the Reston neighborhood of North Hills Park portrays the area as being packed with amenities like golf courses, jogging paths, tennis courts, and "a 27-acre park of rolling fields, woodlands, and hills." After the 1979 acquisition of Reston by energy giant Mobil, advertising campaigns targeted at affluent home buyers sparked a renewed interest in Reston home sales, aided in no small part by the opening of the Dulles Toll Road in 1984. The message of ads like these emphasized luxury instead of community, which had been Reston founder Robert E. Simon's original focus. Nonetheless, the basics of Simon's initial planning schematics remained unchanged.