Confederate General Thomas J. "Stonewall" Jackson
Original Author: Nathaniel Routzahn
Created: November 1862
Medium: Photographic print
Publisher: Valentine Richmond History Center

Confederate General Thomas J. Stonewall” Jackson”””

In November 1862, Confederate general Thomas J. "Stonewall" Jackson poses for a portrait at Nathaniel Routzahn's photographic gallery in Winchester. When Jackson first arrived for the sitting he was missing a button on his uniform jacket, so the general took off his jacket and sewed one on crookedly. (The misaligned button is the fourth one down on the general's left side.) A minister who accompanied him to the sitting joked that while Jackson could successfully track down and destroy enemy forces, he was unable to perform the simple task of sewing a button in a straight line. Six months later Jackson was accidentally wounded by his own men during the Battle of Chancellorsville, had his left arm amputated, and then died after developing pneumonia.