Hopewell Meeting House
Original Author: Frances Benjamin Johnston
Created: Between 1930 and 1939
Medium: Photograph

Hopewell Meeting House

This two-story stone building is the Hopewell Meeting House in Frederick County near Winchester. It has been in use since the eighteenth century by the members of Hopewell Monthly Meeting (now called Hopewell Centre Meeting), of the Society of Friends, also known as Quakers. It is the oldest surviving house of worship in the area, and was named after the town in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, where many of the members had emigrated from.

The first meetinghouse was constructed of logs in 1734 and was destroyed by fire in 1757. From 1759 to 1761 the eastern portion of the stone structure was built; the western section was added between 1788 and 1794. Adjacent to the building is the original cemetery surrounded by a limestone wall.

The Hopewell Meeting House is registered as a Virginia Historic Landmark.