Original Author: Unknown
Created: Probably late nineteenth or early twentieth century
Medium: Photographic print


This undated photograph shows a portion of the back of Ravensworth, a late-eighteenth-century plantation house in Fairfax County. Several figures can be seen in the photograph: at upper left, a white woman stands on the second-floor verandah; a white man with a watering can is next to the steps leading up to the house; and an African American woman, at far right, is visible near an outbuilding. William Fitzhugh, who served in the American Revolution and as a member of the Continental Congress, had the house built for his family. His son, William Henry Fitzhugh, and daughter-in-law, Anna Maria Goldsborough Fitzhugh, later resided on the plantation. Since they had no children of their own, the estate was left to collateral descendants—the children of Mary Custis Lee and her husband, the Confederate general Robert E. Lee.