Ceremony Honoring First Responders
Original Author: Erich Geist
Created: September 1, 2007
Medium: Digital photograph

Ceremony Honoring First Responders

On September 1, 2007, a ceremony honors the first responders who tended to the victims of the Virginia Tech massacre on April 16, 2007. Twenty-seven students and five faculty members were killed, and more than seventeen injured by Seung-Hui Cho, a senior at the school who had a long history of emotional and mental health problems. This ceremony took place at the school's first home football game after the killings, played against East Carolina University. Standing at center, from left to right, are Jacob Lutz, rector of the Virginia Tech board of visitors; Dr. Charles Steger, Virginia Tech's president; Governor Tim Kaine; 2nd Lieutenant Sarah Walker of the Blacksburg Rescue Squad; James Downing of the Virginia Tech Rescue Squad; Kim Crannis, Blacksburg's police chief; and Wendell Flinchum, Virginia Tech's police chief.

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