Quo Fata Ferunt
Original Author: William Janzon Blaeu
Created: 1640
Medium: Map detail
Publisher: The Mariners' Museum

Quo Fata Ferunt

The Sea Venture, a resupply vessel bound for Virginia, is shown crashing into an outcropping of rock in this detail from a map of Bermuda printed in Amsterdam in 1640 by the cartographer William Janzon Blaeu. Diverted by a hurricane in July 1609, the ship and its passengers lived on the Bermuda Islands for ten months before finally making it to Jamestown. An English colony was later established in Bermuda.

This map detail shows the coat of arms for the Bermuda Company (a version of which was adopted as the country's official coat of arms in 1910). A red lion holds the scene of the wreck in his paws beneath the Latin inscription Quo fata Ferunt, or "whither the Fates carry [us]." That phrase, taken from Virgil's Aeneid, would become the official motto for Bermuda.