Invitation to the National Birth Night Assembly
Original Author: E. Weber, lithographer
Created: Between 1842 and 1849
Medium: Lithographed invitation

Invitation to the National Birth Night Assembly

This lithographed invitation to Dolley Madison requests her presence at the National Birth Night Assembly, an event being held at Carusi's Saloon, in Washington D.C., on Feb 22 to celebrate George Washington's birthday. Carusi's was a fashionable site for balls, concerts, and theatrical events in nineteenth-century Washington. Among the organizers of the event listed on the card is Major General Winfield Scott, which indicates that the event must have taken place between 1842, after Scott had been promoted to the rank of major general, and 1849, when Dolley Madison died. Madison, then a widow, spent most of those years in Washington, D.C., and maintained an active social life.  Citation: Papers Concerning Dolley Madison, 1810–49, Accession #8607. Special Collections, University of Virginia, Charlottesville, Va.