You're a racist! No, you're a racist!

Turns out that May 24, 1900, is a popular date among some Republicans who are sensitive to charges that they are insensitive when it comes to race. I point you to the Internet meme in which far-right activists post a time line of ignominious moments in the history of the Democratic Party. May 24 is ignominious because it’s when 56 percent of Virginia voters approved the call for a constitutional convention, the goal of which was to disfranchise African Americans.
Anyway, this is all part of the time-honored strategy dictating that, when someone calls you a racist, you call them a racist—only louder. Sun Tzu it is not, but in the intellectual hothouse that is the American media landscape, it will do.
PS: I am a particular fan of this heavily sarcastic version, “The History of Republican Evil,” in which the author’s hand is tipped by referring, over and over, to the Democrat Party.


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