You Horrible Creatures!

From the February 11, 1946, issue of Life magazine: the return to Virginia of Nancy Langhorne Astor, the Virginian who became Britain’s first woman to sit in Parliament.

“Oh, there you are, you horrible creatures,” she greeted us, smiling. She shook our hands. “In church I prayed you wouldn’t come. I knew you would ruin my entire day. Now what do you want?”
Afterward, before a fire in the library,, we sipped Cokes. Her conversation leaped nimbly from UNO to strikes to women’s part in the war. “It was wonderful having American soldiers in Britain,” she said. “I almost cried when I heard those Virginia accents. I’d tell them, ‘When you’re good tell them you’re from Virginia. But when you’re drunk or disorderly say you’re from New York.'”

While Lady Astor is not in the encyclopedia, her sister Irene Langhorne Gibson is.


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