Woman in Tobacco Leaf Dress
Original Author: Unknown
Created: ca. 1920s
Medium: Photographs, Photograph

Woman in Tobacco Leaf Dress

This photograph, probably taken in the 1920s, shows a girl wearing a dress made from tobacco leaves, posing on a large barrel (called a hogshead) historically used to store and ship tobacco. It was taken as promotional material for the Court of the Magic Weed Tobacco Festival, a beauty pageant held as part of the Charles County fair, in La Plata, Maryland. The Queen has held a variety of titles, such as Tobacco Queen, Queen Nicotine, or the current title, Queen Nicotina. The caption on the back of this photograph reads:

“Tobacco clothes this Maryland girl. Figuratively as well as literally, for with a bumper crop & record high prices, the tobacco planters' families will be wearing silks & satins this year! And the Maryland Tobacco farmers will celebrate at the Court of the Magic Weed Tobacco Festival at La Plata, MD on Sept. 26 and 27."