What the Poster Says

Poster designed for the Marquardt/Oswald 2024 Whig Party presidential campaign
Apparently the Whig Party is back:

The Modern Whig Party is like its namesake, only with fewer frock coats. The party was conceived in 2007 by active-duty service members in Iraq and Afghanistan, who then started recruiting nonmilitary members when they came back home. They resurrected the old Whigs’ symbol, the owl, and chiseled out a platform centered on fiscal responsibility, energy independence, education, states’ rights, separation of church and state, and support for veterans. In other words, a Republican head with a Democratic heart.

For a brief history of the Whig Party and its influence in Virginia, check out our entry here. And I hardly need to mention that the party’s last candidate for U.S. president was a Virginian: Winfield Scott. What you probably don’t know is that I am friends with one of Winfield Scott’s direct descendants, whose English sheepdog, also named Winfield Scott, greeted me everyday on my paper route in the McClellan Heights neighborhood of Davenport, Iowa. (George B. McClellan, it turns out, had a Whig background; his father was buddies with said General Scott. Just saying.)
IMAGE: A poster designed for the Marquardt/Oswald 2024 ticket


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