Wake Up, America: Listen to the Founder

The University of Virginia Magazine interviews three Thomas Jefferson impersonators:

[Rob] Coles came to the work with little acting experience, another quality he and Jefferson share. “Jefferson was not the greatest public speaker,” says Coles. “In his first inaugural address, apparently only the people in the first three rows heard him.” As Coles started portraying Jefferson though, he developed confidence, and after a few years he was able to turn the performance into a one-man show.

Best comment left by a reader:

America’s anointed Author and Founder, Mr. Jefferson’s prophetic wisdom provides across the centuries answers and solutions to all the evil which has beset our “Garden of the World.” His enunciation of “the real Anti-Christ,” “an engine for enslaving mankind” had the same clarity and specificity on January 19, 1810 as it does for understanding September 11, 2001, or November 22, 1963. The seemingly unfathomable abominations and confusions now placing us on the brink of financial collapse and loss of sovereignty at the hands of fascist plutocracy is easily understood from the whig Deist Jeffersonian perspective. Whig v. tory, then; whig v. tory, now. Plus ca change… Wake up, America: Listen to The Founder, Humanity’s gift from the Creator. Death for Treason

AFTER THE JUMP: Coles as Jefferson
IMAGES: Rob Coles (Life Magazine); Bill Barker (Colonial Williamsburg Foundation); Steve Edenbo (Karla Korn)



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