A group of white Virginians, two of them children, most of them dressed casually or in work clothes, sit across from one another on two benches in a train station around a wood burning stove. A man in the back appears to be taking a grocery order.
Original Author: O. Winston Link, photographer
Created: 1956
Medium: Photographic print

Waiting for the Creeper, Green Cove, 1956

This photograph shows the interior of the Green Cove store at Green Cove Station, with a group of patrons sitting and conversing near a wood burning stove, while waiting for the Virginia Creeper train. In the back of the store, shopkeeper W.M. Buchanan fills a grocery order. Featured in the photograph from left to right are W.R. Farmer, Vinton Greer, Sandy the dog, Eleanor Buchanan, W.M. Buchanan, Carver Walls, Leslie Greer, Mrs. Fay Luther, Brenda Luther, Janet Farmer, and Bolena Greer Ravdin.