Virginia Gazette ad, text reads: "Ran away from my House in York Town, on the 6th Instant, a Servant Man named Patrick Burk, a Saddler by Trade, born in Virginia, aged about 30, of a small Stature, brown Complexion, short black Hair, and mark'd with the Small Pox. he wore a Kersey Coat with Mettal Buttons, and a Fustian Wastecoat and breeches. He took with him, a dark Bay Horse, belonging to me, mark's on the near Shoulder with a Heart. Whoever secures the said Servant, so as I may have him again, shall have Three Pounds Reward, besides what the Law allows. James Mitchell. N.B. If he be taken, and well whipt twice; I will, for each Time, give Five Shillings, besides the Reward above."
Original Author: James Mitchell
Created: April 22, 1737
Medium: Newspaper advertisement

Virginia Gazette, April 22, 1737, Page 4

In this advertisement from April 22, 1737, James Mitchell seeks a servant named Patrick Burk who has taken one of his horses and run away. It is unclear from the text whether Burk was enslaved. Usually enslaved people of this time would be described using the word "negro" rather than of "brown Complexion," the way Burk is described. Mitchell specifies that he will pay an extra five shillings if whoever captures Burk has him "well whipt twice."