An engraved image of a farmer seated on a two-wheeled mower drawn by horses
Original Author: J. W. Orr, engraver; C. H. McCormick & Brothers, manufacturers
Created: January 8, 1868
Medium: Engraving

“1868. McCormick’s Improved Two-Wheeled Mower.”

A single farmer operates a two-wheeled horse-drawn mower in this illustration that accompanied printed directions for how to put together this "improved" mower.This is the first of two pages of directions on how to assemble the machinery shipped in boxes from C. H. McCormick and Brothers in Chicago.

Citation: 1868. McCormick's Improved Two-Wheeled Mower. Directions... Broadside 1868 .I67. Special Collections, University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA.