Two Thoughts

One, about summer. See above. It’s really hot, and there were storms, and the Encyclopedia Virginia World Headquarters in Charlottesville, Virginia, has been variously with and without power these last few days. In case we owe you something, this is what’s going on.
Two, about editing. A wise man once said, “Editing is just like writing, except hateful, and in reverse.” Which reminds me of the comment left on the image above at the website It helps explain why a) I am an editor; and b) everyone hates editors.

Allllll right if Robin is speaking the word “Outside”, if he has reached the D sound, he’s already finished saying it. And if Batman’s slap is meant to interrupt, it should be a dash, not an ellipsis. Ellipses are for pauses. Good concept, terrible execution…

Now picture Robin as the commenter and Batman as … I don’t know, a contributor to some online encyclopedia?


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