Thrown to the Sharks

Last week, in the course of working on an entry about slave ships and the Middle Passage, I had occasion to write the following paragraph:

In the water, there were often sharks, which followed the ships in warm waters, feeding off refuse. “When dead Slaves are thrown over-board,” the Dutch merchant William Bosman wrote  in A New and Accurate Description of the Coast of Guinea (1705), “I have sometimes, not without horrour, seen the dismal Rapaciousness of these Animals; four or five of them together shoot to the bottom under the Ship to tear the dead Corps to pieces, at each bite an Arm, a Leg, or the Head is snapt off; and before you can tell twenty have sometimes divided the Body amongst them so nicely that not the least Particle is left.”

As it happens, sharks have been the focus of a bit of political controversy when it comes to the slave trade. Five years ago Congress passed a resolution commemorating the two hundredth anniversary of the trade’s abolition. On the floor of the House, Representative Donald M. Payne of New Jersey said the following:

The transatlantic slave trade is known as the largest forced migration in the history of the world. Estimates range from 25 to 50 million Africans were forcibly brought to the United States, the Caribbean, Central and South America and to Europe. Sharks[‘] migratory patters were changed because these predators followed the ships in the Middle Passage because when a slave died they were thrown overboard, or if they were killed because they were protesting of if they committed suicide, the sharks knew that they could follow the ships, and it changed the migratory patterns of sharks during this period of time.

A couple things jump out here. First, although the original House resolution is vague about the number of Africans who made the Middle Passage (“millions”), and historians do not all agree, 25–50 million is two to four times larger than what is generally accepted. David Eltis, in his Atlas of the Transatlantic Slave Trade (2010), suggests that between 1500 and 1866 about 12.5 million Africans were loaded onto ships bound for the New World, with about 1.8 million of them dying along the way (for a mortality rate of about 15 percent). In addition, many Africans died before ever making it to the ships, and another 15 percent died soon after their arrival.

So those are the numbers as I understand them. The other thing that jumps out is Payne’s claim about the migratory patterns of sharks. A bit of googling does not turn up any scientific evidence of long-term migratory-pattern shifts, although what does seem to be true, based on numerous primary accounts, including the one written by William Bosman, is that sharks followed the slave ships and were happy to feed off whatever bodies were thrown overboard.

Representative Payne’s two misstatements aren’t particularly interesting in their own right; I imagine that worse stuff gets said on the House floor all the time. What is interesting is the strange way these sharks have continued to live on the Internet. I first noticed it on the Yahoo! Answers site, where people ask questions and the “crowd” answers. To wit, this question, asked around the same time as the congressional resolution:

Q: Is it true that the migration patterns of sharks was affected by the slave trade (being thrown overboard)?
A: No. Because liberals have little knowledge of how business operates they continue to try and sell this myth. The liberal black GA. congressman that first came up with this claimed over 100,000,000 slaves were thrown overboard by slavers trying to avoid capture by British navel ships that were enforcing the empires ban on slavery. 1) Slave traders were in the trade to make a buck. 2) does it make sense to engage in a business that has a one in 50 chance of success (only about 2 million slave were exported to the new world over a 300 year period) 3) all the sharks that were alive during that time are dead now.4) animals(like sharks) go where the food is, they do not hang around because of some genetic memory passed on hundreds of years ago. 5) Who cares, the US fought a war to end slavery over 100 years ago, unless those who now engage in the African slave trade are able to establish a US market today the sharks will be OK.

So Donald Payne has morphed into John Lewis—he’s the “liberal black GA. congressman.” And the Africans’ bodies were not thrown overboard because they died “protesting” or by committing suicide (or by dying of disease, which was far more common); instead, they were chucked by “slavers trying to avoid capture by British navel [sic] ships.” One hundred million of them! In picking this answer as the best, the original question-asker wrote, “He was slightly flippant, but still, he gave some good information.”

While I could find no actual record—in Congress, in the major national newspapers, anywhere really—of John Lewis speaking on this subject, that does not mean he did not. Still, what I did find was reference after reference to John Lewis & sharks by angry partisans itching to discredit the congressman. Here are a few examples, some of them from just last year:

* Isn’t this the stupid [redacted] who claimed “sharks still patrol the slave trade routes, looking for lunch.”
* John Lewis claiming that the slave trade, by dumping slaves overboard, permanently altered the Migratory Patterns for Sharks. i’m no shark, but i feel i can speak for them when i say, well, thats just not true. [To which someone replied: “he’s probably right. dark meat is delicious”]
* [Responding to the fact that Lewis was beaten with other Freedom Riders in 1961] I didn’t realize he had been beaten, perhaps that explains why he speaks like he has a mouthful of half-chewed taffy… Isn’t this the Congress-Critter who believes that the sharks still follow the old slave-trade routes, because so many dead and dying slaves were tossed overboard??
* Rep. Lewis, (D-GA) once was quoted as saying sharks still follow ships, “to this day across the Atlantic,” looking for people that have been thrown overboard, referring to the slave trading vessels of long ago. No one with any common sense should take anything he says with anything other than a grain of salt.
* I believe Lewis is the one who once proclaimed, during a speech on the House floor, that slave traders dumped hundreds of millions of blacks overboard of slave ships to feed them to the sharks. And to this day the sharks still swim the slave trade routes looking to eat more black people. While all my details may not be 100% accurate, I did not make that up.
* The assertion is something vocalized by Congressional dingbat John Lewis, and he got it from a 1840 painting by British artist Joesph Turner entitled “The Slave Ship” (seen here). The part about it “forever changing shark patterns” is something the imbecile made up on the fly, as best as anyone can tell, along with his claim that slavers threw “millions” of blacks to waiting sharks.

There are more, but you get the idea. One should be careful what one says about sharks, lest you be called names and mocked for having been beaten bloody while protesting segregation.

In the meantime, additional information on sharks and the slave trade can be found in The Slave Ship: A Human History (2007) by Marcus Rediker. He writes how the predators fed on crew and slave alike. And while they were especially dangerous in the warm waters of Africa, sharks also sometimes “followed the slavers all the way across the Atlantic into American ports, as suggested by a notice from Kingston, Jamaica, that appeared in various newspapers in 1785:

“The many Guineamen [slave ships] lately arrived here have introduced such a number of overgrown sharks. (The constant attendants on the vessels from the coasts) that bathing in the river is become extremely dangerous, even above town. A very large one was taken on Sunday, along side the Hibberts, Capt. Boyd.” Abolitionists would do much to publicize the terror of sharks in the slave trade, but this evidence comes from a slave society, before the rise of the abolitionist movement. More came from Captain Hugh Crow, who made ten slaving voyages and wrote from personal observation that sharks “have been known to follow vessels across the ocean, that they might devour the bodies of the dead when thrown overboard.”

All of which is to say that perhaps the gentleman from New Jersey wasn’t that far off after all. And it makes me wonder why some folks are so quick to dismiss the horrors of slavery and the slave trade.
IMAGE: The Slave Ship (1840) by J. M. W. Turner


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  1. People are quick to dismiss the horrors because they dont want to feel any guilt whatsoever. They’d rather change or deny history than admit that serious crimes have been committed.


      1. Almost half the slaves (or more than half) crossing the ocean never made It. Far worse than slavery itself was the way slaves were “shipped” across yhe ocean: stacked like cord wood, enduring in their own fiflth.
        Once the slaves arrived it was the Democrats who fought the Civil War to preserve the slave trade.

        1. Scholars estimate that about 12.5 million enslaved Africans boarded ships for the Middle Passage, while about 11 million arrived in the Americas alive. Our entry on the transatlantic slave trade is in editing now.

        2. Well read your bible. As what was done to us Yahuah is going to turn that captivity back on the white people and anybody else who was involved. Let’s see who the sharks eat this time

    2. On April 21, 1995 five or six Hillary and Bill Clinton minions, dressed in white uniforms and carrying guns, clubs and gas canisters and presenting no identification, invaded the Office of International Financial Services, US Department of State (Bureau of Finance) in Washinton, DC and ordered an astonished supervisor, Mr. James Byrnes, to “fire” a Foreign Service Officer immediately or they would use deadly force.
      Mr. Byrnes, who knew the law, ignored the request until he was shown weapons when he went to the officer and begged him to leave because of the Arkansas terror that had invaded the office.
      The Clinton personnel displayed no warrants, produced no written authority, and ignored the US Constitution’s provision that “civilian Federal officers are removed” through Congressional Impeachment (including conviction for “high crimes and misdemeanors in a trial in the US Senate.) They also denied the officer’s right to have a Union representative, to have an attorney to advise of the rights of officers, and denied the right of free speech to the officer.
      Later, when the appropriate personnel officer was asked how this had occurred she said she was told “the officer had voluntarily resigned” and that there was thus no “check out” from the Clinton-run State Department and that all regular procedures were simply null.
      The Foreign Service Act specifies that all “members of the Foreign Service are entitled to the fullest measure of due process.”
      “When the Clintons are in charge… employees now know the Clintons have no duty to comply with ethical, legal or constitutional provisions.”
      That isn’t a rule, law or anything authoritative…
      IT IS JUST SO…

    3. Why should anyone feel “Guilt” for something that someone else did? If we use that logic, Africans invented slavery, still practice it today and they also invented cannibalism. ??? Where’s my apology?

      1. You don’t have to apologize but the curse goes down four generations. Slave ship docked in Jamestown 1619 so if you are four generations from there you are guilty

        1. Now you can get a pass by selling your soul to the devil. I met the devil at a crossroads under a blood moon and he offered me all manner of worldly goods if I would just but sign on the dotted line. I offered to wrassle him for HIS soul but he just kept going back to the big ol contract. I said that’s a long contract. He said, it’s a good deal he’s offering. I said that’s a awful lotta words and he said just sign. I said I’d rather wrassle or muy thai fight and I took off my shoes. In the end he said to hell with me I’m just a waste of time halfwit. I told him he’s a big pu$$y and ain’t it just like him to dismiss a black man. I woke up in the field the next morning and made my way back to the shaman camp. As vision quests go it was disappointing. Other guys said they saw brother coyote or father Jesus and learned great insights that were pivotal to change needed in their lives. Some said they spent 20 years on another planet in the space of an hour earth time, learning fine arts, intergalactic languages and mastering astral projection. A few people learned to access the Akashic record. I think I got a bad batch of ayahuasca or maybe it’s like my mom always said, I just have a polluted, corrupt soul.

    4. Slavery was no where near the horrific event it is portrayed as. It was a global thing. It was done everywhere. And Muslim countries still practice it.
      And America was the first to abolish it.
      So quit focusing on it. They’re lucky heir ancestors were brought here.!tribal
      Life in Africa isn’t exactly Beverly Hills.

      1. I don’t normally reply to ignorance, but this time I’ll make an exception. Slavery or the African Holocaust was the worst documented crime against another race. Between 1525 and 1866, in the entire history of the slave trade to the New World, according to the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade Database, 12.5 million Africans were shipped to the New World. 10.7 million survived the dreaded Middle Passage, disembarking in North America, the Caribbean and South America. And that is the most conservative number by white historians.Slaves were punished by whipping, shackling, beating, mutilation, branding and/or imprisonment. Punishment was most often meted out in response to disobedience or perceived infractions, but masters or overseers sometimes abused slaves to assert dominance. Pregnancy was not a barrier to punishment; methods were devised to administer lashings without harming the baby. Slave masters would dig a hole big enough for the woman’s stomach to lie in and proceed with the lashings.The mistreatment of slaves frequently included rape and the sexual abuse of women and men. Thats right men too. A hidden history of slavery is the rape of men and boys. During slavery the slave holders would buy male slaves to engage in forced homosexual sex acts.These male slaves were purchase based entirely on the prerequisite of them possessing a large penis. Black men were routinely raped by their gay slave owners. The process was known as “breaking the buck.
        There are many many more, but I think you get the picture. Research before you speak next time. I write this more for black people who may believe you than to convince you or any Europeans.Everything I wrote is documented. Peace all.

        1. One more thing.You said we should be glad we were brought here.Over 100 great cities rivaling anything Europe had were destroyed.We were more advanced than any European country at the time.When tourists visit sub-Saharan Africa, they often wonder “Why there are no historical buildings or monuments?”
          The reason is simple. Europeans destroyed most of them. We only have a few drawings and descriptions by travelers who visited the places before their destruction. In some places, ruins are still visible. Many cities were abandoned when Europeans brought exotic diseases (smallpox and influenza) which started spreading and killing people. Most of those cities lie hidden. In fact the biggest part of Africa history is still under the ground.

          1. Amen brother. There was even a film about it, which showed how extremely advanced African cities are hidden using technology so advanced we can’t even begin to understand it. The film is called Black Panther and it’s not just an informative documentary, it’s entertaining as well. My grandma told me about how Africa even had space travel 200 years before the US landed on the moon. People need to wake up and smell the yerba maté. Most people don’t even realize Mozart, Beethoven and George Washington were all black. Some people say Barishnikov was also black and Paul Bunyon too, but that’s been disproved because those people are fictional. It all goes back to the gold standard and the illegal federal reserve. Just ask yourself: If the CIA wasn’t involved with the assassination of MLK… why is James Earl Jones not only walking around a free man, but living the good life as a rich famous actor. I believe he’s also responsible for the disappearance of Amelia Earhart (also black!), the Lindberg baby and Patsy Kline. I can’t prove it yet but is it a cooincidence the same man killed MLK and then he becomes Darth Vader. Think for yourself. Connect the dots. Know the enemy, for he is us. Peace.

        1. Read the Bible Deuteronomy 28 there is your answer also understand the Bermuda Triangle is a path of the slave trade GOD Bless

      2. Slavery was no where near the horrific event it is portrayed as. (You’re right…Being chained, whipped, beaten, raped, have your kids sold to someone else in another city or state, have doctors practice procedures on you before they get it right, have your kids used to catch alligators isn’t horrific) It was a global thing. (You’re right, it was global which makes it more horrific. Everyone took part in it) It was done everywhere. And Muslim countries still practice it.
        And America was the first to abolish it.
        So quit focusing on it. (I love how people holler out, “Stop focusing on it”, or, “Get over it”, but we love to have a memorial for the so-called holocaust and 911. From the sounds of your comment, you just might be a direct descendant of one of those slave traders.) They’re lucky heir ancestors were brought here.!tribal
        Life in Africa isn’t exactly Beverly Hills. (Just so you are clear, those were not Africans sold into slavery, they were Israelite people.)

  2. Gina;
    I do not deny the horrors of slavery. White people were held as slaves by Africans, Egyptians, Muslims and a number of others for thousands of years. Africans were held as slaves in the Americas for 300 and it was outlawed over a century ago. I wasn’t alive back then and there are none alive today that suffered from slavery. The black community today is still hateful of whites and racist more than we ever were and it is all because they have borrowed the offense from their ancestors. I have no reason to feel guilty but I do feel angry that it ever happened at all. I feel anger about any injustice that I witness even when a black man kills a white man or vice-versa. Political Correctness is a cancer that is killing America and we need to stop the trend before the current administration sets up the thought police and completely subverts the first amendment altogether.

    1. Thanks for the comment, Mr. Rushing. You write: “The black community today is still hateful of whites and racist more than we ever were and it is all because they have borrowed the offense from their ancestors.”
      A few points: When you speak of “the black community” as if its members were all the same, making easy judgments on the whole as if it were not comprised of individuals just like you and me—well, that’s how we get sucked into the hole of racist thinking in the first place.
      And whatever you think of political correctness, it is not comparable to being enslaved.
      Finally, you rightly distance yourself from any guilt associated with the crimes of slavery in the United States, only to seemingly implicate yourself with that “we” (“more than we ever were”).
      I think it’s fair to say that slavery, wherever it is or has been practiced, is an awful crime. And your comment suggests that its legacy here is something we’re all still grappling with.

      1. This comment is mostly directed at Mr. Mark Rushing. It is so easy and wrong to interpret history by assumption, rather than by experience and/or valid research. When I was a boy of maybe 5 or 6 years (in 1962) I visited a small rural town just outside of Memphis, TN. We were visiting from PA, by the way. I remember very clearly seeing signs posted on diners and similar structures that said, “Whites Only”, or “Colored Rest Room”. (Note that the Colored Rest Room was not inside.) There are two perspective here: 1. The view of those who saw such signs as symbols of rightness and the way things are supposed to be and 2. The sickening reactions of people like me, who were horrified to see such blatant examples of institutional racism blaring from a local shop. After the tediously long drive, we parked right outside one particular diner and I needed to use the bathroom. We were also very hungry, but my father was unsure how to proceed. I didn’t hesitate. I walked right up through the ‘Whites Only” entrance and went directly into the ‘Whites Only’ bathroom. My father was mortified and I do recall hearing a few gasps of shock from some of the older patrons lounging around in the diner as they witnessed my boldness and audacity. No-one touched me or tried to stop me though. I felt shame and disgust over the whole scene. Not because I disobeyed the signs, but because they were there in the first place. Now, if you can convince me that my reaction is based on some ‘psychic’ or borrowed memory from my not-too-long-dead slave ancestors, then I will eat my words and retract them. I have experienced hundreds of racially negative incidents in my life. On my first job right out of Cornell University, my co-worker made it quite clear that I was only hired to get some minorities hired in the office. This comment was delivered in the men’s room as I stood relieving myself. Guess what I wanted to do at that moment? what does this say about being graduated from one of the best schools on earth? Those qualifications were meaningless. It was only the color of my skin that was considered by my hiring manager. Or later, in my second job, my customer blatantly told my supervisor that the board did not want a ‘young, black kid’ covering their account. So if my reactions are based on racial memory, then what does that say about those who perpetrated the actions? What was driving them?

      2. Not sure how much research you actually do, Mr Wolfe, and perhaps bad memories instead of racism is responsible for blaming a GA congressman. Back in the mid 90s, NY Congressman Major Owens, DID attribute the changing areas sharks frequented TODAY on the 200,000,000 slaves he stated were thrown overboard, back during the slave trade. You can look that up. History is a bloody mess without people making such ridiculous claims that reasonable people can’t believe the fabricated figures. I believe anyone(like yourself) who provides info on the net, should try to correct inaccuracies whenever possible. Perhaps you could do a study on how many slave ships it would take to transport even the claimed number killed by being tossed overboard. You’ll quickly find that enough ships didn’t exist to transport that many people to be killed, much less include the survivors who actually made the trip. What I find interesting is those that seem most concerned about what happened 100, 200, 300 years ago, can’t find the time to address the exact same problem happening today. Plenty of countries where slavery happens TODAY. Perhaps we should fix that before worrying about cutting a check to the ancestors of a problem. Although that might just be why those same ancestors only care about reparations and stopping it from happening to others right now, not so much.

        1. If you look deeper into this equation you realize sharks live a long, long time and they have a good memory. Tenacious too, since they haven’t eaten any tossed overboard slaves in over a hundred years yet they still follow the boats. Haha. Wrong boats, fukkers! Do the sharks even know we’re laughing at their naïveté? Probably not since they live under water and they don’t get much news. Probably don’t even know slavery was abolished. LOL when you think about it, sharks are pretty ignorant. Eff you, sharks. Jokes on you. Maybe you thought you were all bad because you ate Captain Quint, but he was a drunk and old. Losers.

    2. I Thought We Were Nigger Or African- American. We Comes In Different Shades Of Brown.
      The Africans Race Had Your Kind In Slavery I Assume It Is Nothing Compare To The Negroes Who Went Into Slavery Under The Hand Of The White Man.The Dark Race Who May Have Enslaves Your So-called White Race In Slavery Were The African Tribes, Or Nation. We Negroes is Not African! We Are The Israelites God Chosen People In The Bible. Why Your Slavery Not Talked About… Cause It Wasn’t Nothing.Compare To The Atlantic-Slave Trade.

    3. You are wrong on so many levels… if you choose to remain that way then that is your choice.. I will ask you though do you have a history? A family tradition? Maybe you have a favorite cultural food? Or music? Do you believe Jewish people might feel intense sorrow/passion when talking about WWII? I do not know you so I will assume the best of you not the worst. If you can answer yes to any of those questions then you can take the first steps in understanding how slavery effects people living today…

    4. Borrowed the offense from their ancestors? The nerve of your ass!
      Don’t act like your kind is free of racism. The difference is that y’all do strictly behind the law.

    5. The history of every one is horrible. Jews, Muslims, Africans, Indians. No one played fair and it looks like they never are. The present is just as bad, with traditions still not humane. Some race do have it easier than others to be successful. And coming living in America might have it perks, but it also have its down falls. I feel sad for everyone involved. For the ignorant and for the tortured.

  3. Political correctness IS a form of slavery. If you violate the “principles” of PCism, its adherents “flog” and “discredit” and “persecute” the offender just as if he had violated the orders of the “‘massa’ of the plantation.” This is too often the means the leftists and statists and modern liberals use to try to control the meaning of words and discourse in these not-so-united states.
    The only widespread use of slavery in the world today is among the gangs and cartels of the drug trade that use human-trafficking to their profit and among the Muslim-dominated countries of the world who enslave those who are NOT Muslim or not Muslim enough.

  4. Mark Rushing you are committing a number of logical fallacies. Mr. Wolfe you are absolutely right. Ken you’re heavily misinformed.

  5. I cannot definitively say whether sharks changed patterns due to the slave trade but I do recall seeing a discovery channel documentary stating that lemon sharks return to the same location to give birth
    If this theory is true (which has nothing to do with the slave trade) … it does give credit to the idea that yes a genetic memory in sharks is plausible and sharks today may indeed be migrating along slave routes

  6. Rush Limbaugh played a copy of this “speech” on his television show. I saw it and copied it.
    While too uncomfortable for the current operators of plantations, the speech was made.

  7. John Lewis did make this ridiculous statement on the house floor during morning minute speeches. I was there. ..I think it was 1995. It’s in the congressional record.

  8. John Lewis did make the comment on the floor that shark migration patterns have changed through and by the slave traders dumping bodies overboard on their way to America. I did a quick search and couldn’t find it but Rush Limbaugh — on his TV show — showed and made fun of it. So the statement was made prior to 1993.

  9. Tired of being the racist white man no matter what I say . Didn’t mean to be a White German Irish American . I do actually prefer plain American but we all like these kind of labels so why not . I could go through a tone of races ,ethnic groups , age , gender and others in some way or another have been persecuted . Racism runs in all directions I see it every day and probably accused of it .. So how about this stop pointing finger and lets get our heads out of our asses and stop Crying . sincerely Angry White man . LOL!!!!

  10. We shuld also undastand that the idea of racism was nt comon before the slave trade and even at the start of it. Initially the whiteman did not use blacks as slaves because they were inferior…its because they where strong…..let’s nt forget that before the renaissance a lot priorities could have been given to people who were strong…so there’s a little chance that the whites would see the blacks as inferior then. I quote……in his Ideological, doctrinal, religious and political
    aspects of the African slave trade S. U . Abramova” In the works of Azurara, Cadamosto and Pacheco Pereira, Portuguese sailors who made voyages to Africa before the beginning of the transatlantic slave trade, no racist views are expressed. Whe n Europeans first came into
    contact with the Negro race, Africans were not looked upon as inferior beings.
    They could not be regarded as the Europeans’ equal partners because priority
    belonged to those who were stronger.”The first blacks to be taken to europe or america did nt go as slaves bt as workers. The very first of them were taken to europe to be taught language so as to ease trade. The idea of racism was realy born in 1781when a dutch scientist P. Camper published an article showing that we negroes were closer to apes than white after he did some sort of facial angles and stuff…..this argument became a basis for white slave traders to hang on and the foundation for the racism of tday………. and about sharks behaviour and the slavers ….i think that the slave trade might have influenced their pattern…because movemt of slaves was in one direction; from west coast of africa to the east coast of the new world… these sharks followed only slavers carryin slaves in one direction for abt 300yrs or so….i think that is long enough to change tha behavioral pattern of any animal or generations of animals

  11. nice to read this article thanks for your kind information that you have given to us. these sharks are the very dangerous for the human being. we need to aware of them.

  12. Rush showed this comment on his show dozens of times to the great delight and laughter of his audience. Most of us do not like to question the intelligence of African Americans when it comes to these ridiculous outbursts of stupidity. The lack of intelligence is freely demonstrated with no input from Racist White America. Let’s see, what have African American mayors done for our big cities. Newark Cory Booker: nothing. Crime went up. Detroit: no need to say anything there. Flint: run by Blacks, pollute their own water and blame the Whites. New York: get Dinkins out of there and bring in Giuliani. Dinkins could not even get the trash picked up. Giulians told the whole city to stop being assholes and great each other on the streets and they did! Reduced deaths among black men by nearly 80% though they hated stop and frisk. Washington DC: worst school system but Barry did keep a few drug dealers in business. Have to protect those entrepreneurs. Obama would not send his kids to DC public schools. He sent them to private schools and then shut down the school in DC that sent all its kids to college. Don’t want to piss off the unions. I could go on but you all know the deal.

  13. @ john Beer your statements is not relevant to the topic .John Are you a Racist John is that what it is? Dont be shy admit it that
    what drove you to making such an irrelevant contribution to the disscution is the fact that you are an inadequate excuse of a man who feels the need to hate on orhers based on skin colour and the notion that somehow because of your lack of melanin pigmentation you are somehow a superior human being you are pathetic embarrassment to the human family ..sad


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