Thomas Gage
Original Author: John Singleton Copley
Created: ca. 1768
Medium: Paintings, Oil on canvas, Oil on canvas mounted on masonite

Thomas Gage

This portrait of British general Thomas Gage was painted in Boston around 1768 by American portrait artist John Singleton Copley. Gage is dressed in full military uniform, gesturing to his men performing an orderly military drill in the background. Gage had lived in New York as commander in chief of British forces since 1763. When backlash to British policies began to grow more violent, British leadership called on Gage to suppress disorder. In 1774 he became royal governor of Boston and in that role ordered the British militia to seize colonial arms and gunpowder. This order incited the Battles of Lexington and Concord. Gage displayed this portrait at his residence in New York.