This Day (We're Not Gonna Take It Edition)

On this day in 1951, and under the leadership of Barbara Johns, fellow students at the all-black Robert Russa Moton High School in the town of Farmville in Prince Edward County, Virginia, walked out of their school to protest the unequal conditions of their education as compared to those of the white students in nearby Farmville High School.
This was one brave group of kids, and their story is worth checking out. In the meantime, the namesake of their school was no ordinary person, either.
IMAGE: Photo for Life by Hank Walker, March 1, 1953. Group portrait of some of the more than 100 students named in the legal case Dorothy Davis, et al. v. County School Board of Prince Edward County, Virginia, a lawsuit filed to seek, initially, repairs for Robert Moton High School, a segregated school in Farmville, Virginia, March 1953. The case was later, on appeal, attached to the landmark Brown vs Board of Education case. Among those pictured is Dorothy E. Davis (center, with glasses), for whom the suit was named.


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